Read This Before Selling Your Old Computer

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Published: 08th August 2012
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When time comes that you buy a new PC or Laptop and you think of selling your old PC. We all know that you have only option to sell it in scrap because every day new things come in market because of development of new technologies. But instead of selling it in scrap price or lie it in dust of your store room here i am trying to give you some suggestion that you can do with your old PC. This suggestions will make your old PC in a useful tool which will help you to enjoy some of your works.

So lets start with Home Theater

This is the easiest thing that any one can do with his old PC, notebook or Laptop. You can convert your old PC into Home Theater. All you have to do is to connect your Old PC with your TV or a large screen using connector. It will give your personal home theater and save your money in buying Home theater.

To do so connect your Old PC with TV with connector once you connect download HTPC software from and intall on your computer. The software has a simple user interface, similar to those found on media players and consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The software also supports Android remote controls apps and DLNA, so you can even stream media from one PC to another over the network. XBMC is available for Windows, Linux, OS X and even as a liveCD called XBMbuntu.

Remote Torrent Downloader

Torrents are again a thing which many of us like. We can download many things with the help of torrents. Torrents download is easy and convenient way to download web content with ease.Many torrents clients are available through which we can download things from web. uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients available for Windows. The program is tiny and runs in the background, consuming close to no resources at all. With your old PC you can have it downloading data all the time. You can even remotely control it over your network or even over the Internet on your mobile phone.

To do this, download and install uTorrent and then enable the WebUI component from the Preferences menu.

Now, create a scheduled task in Windows that forces uTorrent to load in the background without having to log in.

Now uTorrent always runs in the background without you having to manually start it.

Set a download folder in uTorrent so newly-added torrents download directly to that folder.

Subsequently, register for a free domain service such as DDNS so accessing your PC is easier. Now, with webUI enabled, you can access the uTorrent interface on a PC, notebook, tablet or even your phone. Remember to look out for free uTorrent apps for your mobile platform. If you prefer using Linux, there are other alternatives such as rTorrent and Transmission.

Make Your Own WAMP Server

If you are thinking of having your own website this can be true with the help of your Old PC. You can set up your own web server with the help of your old PC. But there are other environments such as MySQL and Perl that are required to make it all come together. You also need a relatively fast internet connection with decent upload speeds. Fortunately, instead of having to install and configure each aspect of a web server manually, there are easy solutions available in the form of LAMP or WAMP servers.They’re basically a package of web server software with all the additional components pre-configured.

Wampserver is easy to use and very popular windows server. Its available for free from WampServer you can download and install on your old pc. WampServer gives you an infinite number of possibilities once you have it installed. There are packages for setting up a web site, for setting up galleries and even forums, available for download. Most of these are free and you’d usually have to pay for them if you were to use the server, but with your own infrastructure setup, running a site is completely free.

Use It As PBX Board

To use your old PC as PBX board you have install hardware components your PC. You can download it from here. After this downloading and installation finish, download Asterisk. Asterisk is a free PBX software as a package on your Linux operating system or or even the entire software using a distribution called AsteriskNOW and install it on your computer. Once set up, you'll be able to make phone calls using just a few lines and even receive calls from outside via a voice-guided system. There's also the potential to use VoIP to make calls over the web.There's also the potential to use VoIP to make calls over the web.

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